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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Books overrun our home. They sift into cracks and corners and fill the empty planes of tables and floors. They are stacked along walls. We hardly know what to do with them and we're always bringing home more.

Our giant unbeautiful library shelves wouldn't fit in our new house, so they were given away leaving our books boxed or wild with stacks growing up walls.

We love libraries and they reduce the bookload, but I'm beginning to find that my memory of titles and authors can be problematic at best. This is an attempt to chronicle and remember without adding every book I want to read to our household collection.

Many of the books I read come from a book group, the recommendations of friends, or print and radio reviews. Frequently a book (or its cover) call to me from a shelf or display because of an appealing topic, excerpt, or author.

My favorite authors include (but cannot be limited to) Peter Carey, Willa Cather, Tony Horowitz, Malcolm Gladwell, Jane Urquhart, Erma Bombeck, David Sedaris, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Peter Ackroyd.

Audiobooks abound these days as my baby is now able to pull books from my hands and frequently demands that I use both hands to feed, move, dress, and generally tend to him. I especially employ audiobooks when doing refresher reading for book group. I will try to make audiobooks notations as appropriate.

Hi Jim. I suspect you will be the only other person to ever read this. I will gladly give you access if you also want to post- though I don't promise to read all of your tech book reviews word by word.


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