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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Never Let Me Go (Kazou Ishiguru)

Never Let Me Go
by Kazou Ishiguru

The first three quarters of this book held my rapt attention. The mysterious circumstances surrounding the characters were unsettling, and I kept trying to put together the larger scenario that would create such a microcosm. The central character's limitations of childhood memory and comprehension really added convincing uncertainty to the narrative.

If only I had stopped reading. As the mysteries are revealed, they lead to no further character action or insight. The novel goes from a breakneck pace to a painful plod and the rest of the novel carries on like a necessary dental operation: mundane and uncomfortable.

Outside the novel's own epistomology, its underlying premise is so inefficient that the whole social system is implausible (even in a fantastic world). It was disappointing to see such a talented storyteller lose the narrative mid-story. It was really defeating to hear the mystery's revelation and recognize that the whole fictional epistomology I've invested so much interest in is completely ridiculous.

I would attempt another Ishiguru book, but won't be rushing out to find another soon.


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